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4th Line Theatre is committed to the development and presentation of original Canadian theatre at the Winslow Farm, the family farm of Founding Artistic Director Robert Winslow, in Millbrook, Ontario.  Idyllic, rural, and quintessentially Canadian, 4th Line Theatre presents Canadian plays, written by and about Canadians, from small town stories to broad national sagas.  The plays presented at 4th Line Theatre explore regional themes, history, and heritage in a politically responsible and culturally sensitive manner.  Under Winslow’s artistic direction, a unique, collaborative creative process encourages innovation and experimentation, resulting in productions that entertain and educate.  The award-winning company is a unique staple in the Canadian summer theatre circuit, presenting plays rooted in local history and inspired by the rural landscape upon which they are staged. 

Richard Ouzounian from The Toronto Star describes 4th Line as the ‘epitome of summer theatre’


 By:  Theatre Critic, Published on Wed Jul 03 2013 

Many years ago, I was working at one of Ontario’s summer theatres (now defunct, alas) and was experiencing some anxiety about how the show would turn out.

“Just relax,” my veteran choreographer told me, “it’s only theatre for the bears.”

 Even then, that statement didn’t totally hold water, because there were organizations like the Blyth Festival delivering theatre for people who wanted more than just a couple of hours of entertainment away from the cottage.Today, there are lots of summer theatres in Ontario where the work is of a calibre you’d gladly watch when the snow was falling. Drayton Entertainment, for instance, runs ambitious theatres in seven venues, some of them operating year round.

But if I had to pick just one theatre as a symbol of how unique summer fare in Ontario can be, I’d turn to 4th Line Theatre, just outside of Millbrook. Click Here to continue reading.


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